Travelling Hongkong

Hongkong is a fast paced country. If you are a traveller who does not convert much from your local currency to HK dollars, I bet you’ll love the spending spree either for clothings or different tourist spots. Let me tell you the 5 days 4 nights adventure I got there-ALONE.

Upon arriving in HK International Airport do not forget to change your peso bills to HK Dollars. It is cheaper compared to the other exchanges outside.  I went to buy their Octopus Card. This is really helpful for all the ones staying in the country. You can use this to pay your bus fares, food from supermarkets or 7-11. It costs 100 HKD and they will ask for another 50 HKD which is refundable after your stay. Note that the whole 50 will be refunded after three months, staying lesser will charge you 9 HKD.

I went to the bus station outside the airport. Rode Airbus 21 since it will directly go to Tsim Sha Tsui where I booked my hostel. I stayed in Homy Inn and took one bedroom. The place is quite okay, very clean but not spacious for 2 to 3 people. It is located in Gotham Street which became really accessible to the tourist spots and MTR (MRT in the Phil.).


Here’s a video on the way to the Hostel. Seems like the Hongkong government has been too busy making their peoples’ lives easier. Ang linis!

Right after putting my things in the hostel, I went to see Victoria Peak. It was really cold and my shirt and sweater did not save me from it. I did not have the chance to go the highest building but I saw this;

The view was fascinating. If you feel me.

Second Day

Rode MTR wearing this;

to this, i really thank Ate Wilma who I met in the train who asked me kung nilalamig ako. My cheeks won’t lie, I’m so pale. Nagets na yata nya.

I bought the jacket for 50 HKD in Central. Andaming Kabayan dun. Majority of the population are Pinoys. I added her on FB, we are now friends. Gained one! Chic jacket. I love!

Then I went to Lan Tau Island. I fell in love with the place. Cable car cost 135 one way. It’s almost a 45-minute ride which will let you see the famous Buddha and the beautiful city of HK.

Amazing view? It’s more than that I guess. It’s fulfillment.

The best ang Soya dito!

The temples are incredible. I prayed for guidance here. It feels comforting inside too!  

Third Day-Macau

Andaming hotels!! Hindi naman ako mahilig magcasino. Macau is not for me. I feel I’d be bankrupt in this country,Lol!

Ayoko din magFerry via Superjet. Nakakahilo dahil sa alon. Next time, I’ll take the bus?

Fourth Day is almost my free day. I explored and watched Chinese New year parades. Too bad I was not able to get a picture of it dahil andaming tao and all of them are way taller. But I saw big balloons of Hello Kitty and Kerropi. Ang cute super,big I mean like MOA Ball! The rest are diffent bands and Chinese relics parade.

The flashes of lights and the sounding joy of diversed people make us not too different from each other. We all have common grounds, on that day-we saw happiness.

Enjoy the world!


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