Volunteer and Have Fun @ Yas Waterworld UAE!

We were invited by a good friend to join her in a yearly volunteering work in a fun run in Abu Dhabi. I honestly don’t volunteer in fun runs, ever! But, this time I was dragged along which made me take home one of my best experiences in life. They say you get more homesick when you are an expat but I stand to disagree though. WORK LIFE BALANCE IS STILL THE KEY.

So going back, I was positioned somewhere in Yas Island! (Ang laki nya super so nakakalito, sa totoo lang!) Basta andito ako sa point na to.

Naglalakad ako

I was a water girl. As you can see, leisure and volunteering can coinside. So ang gagawin mo ay to wave to the runners and greet them with your biggest smile so they get motivated to finish the run. Like her! Holllaaahh!


Nakakainspire lang how you see them work hard for health and release their tension through running. Health is wealth!

Well, we had free food with almost co-Filipino volunteers. Ang daming Pinoy!! Nakakaproud talaga na we spent time by helping and enjoying each other’s company and of course with the help of some British heads who were friendly and accomodated all of our needs and the food! I lovveeeeddd it!

After the run, we were given a 25 AED pass for Yas Waterworld, Sobrang tipid because it normally costs 250 AED (2500 roughly PHP).


And take note, the operation of the said events place was closed exclusively for the runners and volunteers. Who does that? First time ko to!

We also had a buffet, sayang I was not able to get a picture of it since my SD card got corrupted for the second time. It failed me in Dubai Mall once, I should have not trusted it this time. Lol!

We had awesome rides in the lazy and wavy river. If you just went there to relax this is for you. If you are more adventurous, they have counterparts for Splash Island rides. I love the Bandit Bomber ride, parang roller coaster pero mas chillax. I still prefer the killer ride in Enchanted Kindgom though, it gives you more adrenaline and you just can’t keep your mouth shut until you get that air inside your stomach later. Hahahha!

My hubby tried the surfing ride.


This is not him! Lol! (Please see picture above it, that’s him! :)) It gives you the chance to practice balance. It’s a good way of  preparing yourself if your a starter and you get to love bigger waves in the future. I saw a lot na tumambling but they had fun, that’s more important!

I took most of the time taking photographs that I guess added more value to the place. Enjoy the pictures. And the kids I have taken the pictures were with parental consent FYI. They are just so adorable, I can’t stop my fingers from pressing the camera button.



Oh gorg ladies and men and one kid!


Small version ng sunflower nila, hehehe I don’t know what it is called. Basta maganda siya!

I hope you get to see these places too. It’s fine to work but maybe you might want to connect to friends of friends and raise your hands for any volunteering works. It’s life changing. You will definitely ask for more once you’ve experienced that fun.

One thing I really love about UAE is you get connected to a lot of groups with common interests using different portals like Expatconnect.com and Meetup.com, etc. Have yourself connected and see you soon!





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