Colourpop, it is worth the try?

This made a lot of traffic when it started on 2014 to beauty addicts. They seem to be trendy as they change their line of shades during change of seasons. Deciding to buy them can be a big decision as I am really afraid of shipping products. We had ordered before on other brands, BAD EXPERIENCE!

Going back, I first considered the following:

  1. Colors- Do they match my skin tone? Do they have varieties?

    2.   Shipping- As I am in UAE, I don’t think they will charge but I tried instead

    3. Customs in UAE- I had zero idea about it. Some says it will be charged, not sure          

         but worth the risk for make up.

Many resellers and businessmen consider these and I tell you with all honesty, they were superb in service and quality.

We bought 48 lipsticks. All of them with different shades of matte from pink to red and brown.


Some of the ones I got were Ulta Matte Lip Little weapon (this is too much of a bright red), Limbo (great to all skin types), Roch, Beeper (one of my favorites, it’s not too loud and it just adds up color to a pale face or bare face), Doozy, Saigon and etc. All of these angels were 3 USD each!

They came after two weeks of ordering the goods. I ordered around August 27 and they came on the second week of September (It was fast!). They came in really good packaging and they can be easily tracked. The lipsticks were secured so they will not be susceptible to damage and ohhh lalala no customs fee. We only paid 233 USD for a total of 34 products. 5 of them were freebies, ALL TAX FREE.

So if you are planning to grab some of these, they have different offers everyday for you. I will surely try the blushes next time. Spread the good news to all angels who have been longing for a quality and lesser expenses for becoming more beautiful.

Happy Shopping!

Please see link for their best sellers.

Best Sellers


2 Replies to “Colourpop, it is worth the try?”

  1. Thank you so much! I was just planning on doing a Colourpop haul but I was afraid of the customs fees. This is extremely helpful. But how do you think the 5% VAT might affect things?


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