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Taj Mahal November 2018

It has been months since the last time a thought to grab my computer or notebook and write something with divine infuence.

I am now 31. Yes! Time flies and still is. Long months and years had passed, how are you?

I am no writer but today marks my first day of change. After getting married to a very wonderful man, the saying of the elders are true, at some point in  your life, a seek for wisdom and purpose will somehow meet in that deep area of our minds even when you think you have everything in your life. And that’s where I’m at today.

Few months back I woke up from a dream to find my purpose. God was there, unclear but I know it was Him telling me to go on and write that dream. I did not bother writing. I guess I’m comfortable of my daily life of waking up, going to a decent job and going home, eating my dinner and watching my Cinema One inspired movies of the past decades. Those were all wasted time. What a shame.

But now let me share you this. I have been reading lately. A lot I guess. But I won’t lie, I still find myself sleeping on the books when all things get boring. I started from the Bible which became one of my favorites though sometimes it keeps me insane of it’s true meaning and to different inspirational blogs and talks. I felt they were all talking to me. Pushing me to my limits and letting me throw myself out there and find that PASSION and PURPOSE.

Honestly, I only got an idea what I think my passion is.

To make people feel good about themselves- that area where the best can be brought out of them.

This idea lingers to my bones but I don’t know how to start. I’m even unsure if my WHY is clear enough. In this dilemma, I am commiting to write my search each day regardless if it makes sense or not. I hope I really find my way there.

So my next plan is to read more and commit myself in changing my habits. As they say that a habit subdue another habit so let me be a slave to good habits. First thing to do, cut those ample time of my Netflix. 🙂

Join me in finding that purpose. I hope you find yours too.




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