Building Healthy Habits- Wisdom and Passion Day 2

I woke up today with vitality thinking to learn new things. Saturday is one of my favorites. Aside from the fact that it is my rest day, this marks date time to my calendar- God and my husband.

At 10:00 AM, I still have my “Whys”.

Why am I here today?

What is my purpose?

But guess what? Few seconds after I opened FB. Blah! And I stayed there for 15 minutes without blinking and checking updates from friends and family. And hey, does this help? I bet not. But I still chose to do it. It’s my habit! I got hooked.

I told you that a habit subdue another habit. And with this habit I’ve been in slavery for 5 years. No offense to Facebook, it’s fun but sometimes it makes me feel timid about a lot of things. Have you felt that before?

When you see your Facebook friend who has new cars or houses he must have recently or got married and honeymoon-ing (hahaha! if there is such a word) in Mykonos or any luxurious Islands on Earth, do you feel genuinely happy? Or does it give you the boost  of saying, “I can do better!” (Any answers is accepted as long as you are honest about it!)

In this world almost all are built with status quo, how much you have or how many places you have travelled marks you on top of another. In a way, if their experience is not the same as mine, it denotes my position at the low. Which is crazy! I see them as my role models, I strive to be like them, get the same position or acquire the same assets but in actuality I am acquiring the biggest liability of all, BUYING SOMEONE’S SELF AND NOT MINE. With the image of that person in my head, I create a clone and forget the real me. The real talents I have. The unique reason why God created me.

I am in the state of deleting FB or Instagram for a while but I hesitated. First reason, I contact my family using messenger. As you all know Sykpe and other video communications are banned in UAE. Second, c’mon who does not love Facebook? It’s like a cinematic platform of people’s activities. But.. for a while I should consider. Maybe in the next days until I am socially mature and clearly know why I need them, that’s the right time to hit that install button again. I will let you know if courage knocked on my door.

Let’s leap to “FOCUS” and get off “DESTRUCTIONS” in our lives- a baby step from our small bad habits.


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