The Passion Project: Wisdom and Passion Day 3


Myles Monroe is one of my life gurus this winter season. He is a Bahamanian and a motivational speaker to people especially with hidden dreams. He believes that the richest place on earth are not the ones that we know like US Silver mine, it’s the CEMETERY- for in this place we can find an accumulation of buried dreams piled one a top another. A place with cries of unfulfilled creations and aspirations.

Nobody wants to be in this place without giving that 100% of your might. Neither do I.

A while ago in the office, I found myself crystalizing my desire of having a beauty business. I took the liberty of starting a business plan. I don’t really know the technicalities but I tried. From the mission vision and to the materials needed in the Salon. I felt deeply connected and spent hours thinking and visualizing. My husband pushed me to write all them down. So these are the ones I learned today.

Rule 1- Write and Visualize

That thought inside your head would not allow you to target those goals. We need to see it everyday! Get reminded on all of them. This snaps you back to your goals in life when everything seems blurry with no directions. Buy a dream board or a notebook specific to your goals then set a timeline for it. God said in Genesis that He has put His spirit in us- that means He is with us. Are there things God cannot do? NOTHING. He can do everything farther than our imagination so neither are we. Our potentials are limitless. Believe that! A child of God is also a god. BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED! By God’s grace we can do this!

Rule 2- Stick to a Timeline

Since we are all children of the most high God, why not set a timeline for our dreams? He created the earth on a specific day. One at a time He accomplished what He has planned and look how beautiful and mind blowing His creation was- US!

For now, I’m in number 2.

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