Know your Blueprint- Wisdom and Passion Day 4


Feeling Lost? Have you felt like you don’t really know where to start on your plans? You are not alone.

Hundreds of solutions are recommended by books or sometimes with just a click of search in the internet can give you millions of answers on how you can cope up with stressful situations you are in. There are situations where you can just see yourself browsing answers for things you do not want others to know about your feelings and just leave it to different kinds of advise videos or how to’s of gurus. But at the end of the day, you still find yourself swamped because none of them have figured out what’s really going on inside you.

I took this exercise of Tony Robbins about figuring out your real blue print. So  I tried to answer the following questions.

What makes you happy in your life right now and why?

What makes you unhappy in your life right now and why?

First question is the easiest. I even had it written down in 1 minute that I am a happy wife right now because I feel loved and taken care of.

Second question makes me feel anxious.

The main purpose of the single exercise plays a crucial role in figuring out what you really want in life. You become stress because you are not where you want to be.

You need to create a plan and a blueprint of who you want to be. An architect plans and provides the blueprint to an Engineer. Once the construction is executed according to plan, that satisfaction and happiness occur. But this type of script is not applicable all the time. Sometimes we get swayed out of the plan.

For my case, I want to retire at 35 in my job and just travel the world. Thinking about this results to frustration that I’m now 31 and yet my finances are not enough to cover my world tour. This clearly states that my current position does not suffice the blueprint I have visualized when I was 15. This makes me sad but challenged. I still have four years to work on it.

Some may have relational issues, unable to bear a child, unable to find a wife or unsatisfying work, etc. These in reality are what we are facing in this modern era.

Please, feel free to assess your “unhappy” state before you proceed. It would definitely help!

These scenarios in our lives that are not in accordance to our aspirations could lead us to pittfalls of depression and we just find ourselves running in circles in wrong relationships, dragging jobs, drugs and a lot of things that make you run away from your true self. You forget who you are and just settle for what is current. Growing stops.

I’d like to encourage you to meditate on this . Savor all that gives you joy and pain. Re-evaluate your goals and purpose then work on it. You want to travel the world, then build a business, put more value on your skills, improve it until you become on top, or quit your job and do what fulfills your dream, bake, surf, serve.. anything.. as long as you are happy.


When you feel joy, self-awareness comes in and you become the following:

  1. You grow as a person and all aspects of your life become a blessing to others; then
  2. You are able to give more to other people who are in need; you forget about you and you think about “WE”

When you feel pain, you become the following:

  1. You blame people of your situations which need further evaluation and help; failure to pass this stage gets you stuck of learning and freedom
  2. You change your life for the better because nothing seemed to work out from the previous blueprint and you move forward
  3. You grow and help others which gives you bliss and purpose

Friends, God did not promise a storm free life for us. But He promised that whenever we seek for help, He will be there. Whatever we ask, we receive. Whatever you think you can be, you will be. That’s your blueprint. Our blueprint.



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