Make a Decision- Wisdom and Passion Day 5

image1Demanding more from myself is something I’m usually not good at. I don’t think learning can happen when you put too much pressure on things. But that changed today.

I saw myself creating ideas on how I want my life to be in the next few years. I feel that enormous things would happen if I do the following;

  1. Decide- in Latin it means to cut off from something. Did you ever come to a certain point in your life where you cannot even decide what to do in a single task? And it takes you hours to do it? I do! We need to make decisions quickly, it may not work out as perfectly as it should be but step #2 comes in.
  2. Make your way out of that decision-  The fastest you decide, the more efficient you become. Aside from you saving time, you cut those turnarounds which confuse you and lead you away from the goal you have set.

I’m deciding to continuously complete my business plan for my salon. No Excuses! It scares me. The uncertainty is getting higher. I know a lot of you would have an opinion about this, you can share it here. I’d really love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

By the way, I deleted Facebook for a while. It drives me away from my focus this days.

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