The Lord is my Refuge

Wisdom and Passion Day 6

Yesterday seemed just an ordinary day until I woke up with severe toothache. I have not had any toothache like this before. I had some when I was still on braces but now is even worse. It resonates to my brain.

My husband told me to go and visit the dentist. With him by my side, I know everything will be okay. Dental in Dubai is one of the most expensive clinical procedures. Unlike in the Philippines, all are covered by my insurance and I get to pay 1000 PHP for any extra non-covered stuff like extractions or x-ray. I met the Indian doctor of Easy Dental ( I forgot the name) in Alriggah and informed me about the infection coming from my impacted wisdom tooth and spreading it out to the nearest molar I got at my lower left. Decision- 2 Teeth should be removed. We said we are fine with that and we get to pay 1200 AED( 17300 PHP) for all. Anesthesia has been done which hurts at first by the way and in 15 minutes I’m over with the surgery. Both teeth removed! Yehey, no pain! I suggest they change their tools though, it’s rusty and old.

After an hour I was advised to eat soft food and other medicines I need to drink. I was feeling superb until the time I removed the cotton which the doctor asked me to bite hard to stop the bleeding. I was feeling some pinching hurt from my left cheek. It resonated so hard that the pain went all over my whole face and I could really curl my toes because of it. We went home when I started complaining and rested. But boy it’s still the same. For almost 6 hours from surgery, I cannot handle it anymore. Ice packs were on my cheeks, 2 tablets of Panadol have been taken and I tell you, I felt like dying.

Story short, my husband came home from work and prayed for me. I was really scared. This is the ultimate description of severe pain. He brought me to Emirates Hospital at 3:40 AM and I was really asking that in Jesus name He takes away the ache and let me live. We were not accommodated right away, which contradicts to the great reviews on emergency handling that they claim. I even found myself looking for a bed to lay my body on. And mind you after lying down, a nurse asked for my name. I told him stuttering ” Kuya, I can’t speak because I had tooth extraction” He still continued to ask for my name, at the end despite of the attempt to converse from my side I wrote my name for his satisfaction. And then he asked me, “Ma’am nagpabotox po kayo?” ( Ma’am have you undergone Botox?) – And I died from the inside laughing! 😂😂😂 Despite of it all, the Indian lady who gave me the strongest pain killer assisted me with all kindness just to make me feel at ease which changed my discontent from the nurse and service. Peace!

TRIVIA: Don’t you know that people die from getting their wisdom tooth extracted? YES! Definitely true! And why do they die, because of that intolerable affliction. The agony of WISDOM is real! Sometimes from small stuff like this learnings occur. It’s ironic that I was writing about Wisdom and Passion and walah! I got my wisdom tooth removed!😂😂😂

One thing I got hit on in this life threatening experience is this,


Can I just say this?

I salute all the mothers who have encountered excruciating labor and have offered their lives for their children. I can imagine them praying to God for help and securing the life inside lives! This is incredible!

Whatever pain we feel, can we just lift them high to God!

With my experience last night, I know that my God lives and is never far away.

Thank you Lord for the gift of healing!

PS I missed writing yesterday becauSe of this. Let’s still consider this Day 6.

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