Jack Ma Alibaba: Tips and Advices- Day 7

Today is Day 7 and could you believe it?! One week passed since I started jotting down key take aways in order for me to reach my first entrepreneurial step, BUILD MY OWN NAIL SALON- longterm goal number one. I have mentioned in my last blog about me planning about it and the UPDATE- still on the process for furniture selection and operation. However, it struggles me sometimes and I get to see myself lost on the procedures. I hate this feeling of starting something and if I get swayed and destructed I might not be able to finish that goal. To avoid this, I sat in front of my computer and find a way to to motivate that lion to roar so I listened to Jack Ma’s speeches. Here are the most valuable things I have retained in my diary.


Jack Ma of Alibaba Tips and Advices

  1. Use your instinct- If you feel lost about your goal, let your gut tell you what to do
  2. Complains are opportunities for business.- This can help me in polishing the overall operation of the salon. Identifying what they really need to get that feet coming back at my doorstep.
  3. Make enough mistakes to learn- This is something we majorly avoid that society has instilled to us. In our natural human nature though they are inevitable. SO MAKE MISTAKES as young as you are in business and learn from them. Getting yourself back up after a failure is like a big coronation night of success.
  4. Don’t worry about money, they follow once you have made people happy. Pretty self explanatory and straightforward. A lot of times we mistakenly start out with an idea of possible profits before we make customer service better. I’ve been watching Million Pound Menu and this is one of the lapses identified. Try to watch them too, it boosts dreams of cooks to put their ideas in the high street.
  5. And lastly, You need to Believe in it’s potential. This is your baby! You need to foresee how it will grow- BLUEPRINT remember? You need to love it even more and be passionate about it. Embracing the fact that your business needs excellence and 100% dedication from you is a must!

Let’s enjoy each moment while we learn to know ourselves more. I could not be so excited to hear your stories too!

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