Personal Leadership

Church day today. Our 8th day. It’s breezy Saturday but I seldom feel people (aside from our Muslims friends) in excitement of Christmas. We don’t have much of decorations around except for the malls which makes me miss home even more. However, in a positive note, Christmas has never been about gifts or decorations, it’s God’s grace of giving Christ Jesus as our salvation in this world- which is the most important thing above all! Praise God for His greatness and love.

Going back to our daily update on wisdom, last night I had a conversation with my bestfriend- my husband. I think he can be the most honest person who can let me know what am I doing wrong lately with my goals. I feel I lack some drive lately, I don’t know. Could be with the season or it’s just me being dissatisfied with my efforts being less than 100% to my work or job. By the way, I define work and job this way.

Work is leading to my ultimate passion like the salon planning and road to financial freedom. It’s my deployment plan.

Job is my contractual job as a Bank Ambassador. My employment plan.

He then answered one thing.

“You are looking for motivation from other people. You need to have your own personal leadership.”

And I think that is true to a lot of points. We do our jobs everyday looking forward to instructions and “good job” from other people without noticing that in the second layer of our brain, we are producing dependency and validation from others.

It became a habit. So when my boss cannot appreciate my job for example I would question my efficiency and get demotivated, worse hate myself about it. And this needs to stop!

Enough for the days we would feel dependent to other people. I think the more we believe in ourselves and we know the inner leader in us make brighter light for clearer path and the passion we are looking for. The more we focus on personal independence and development, the more we get unshakable.



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