Fundamentals for Salon Owners- Day 9

I went back to work today after few days being on leave due to that “Wisdom” 😂 Did some submissions and went home enthusiastic to supposedly start conceptualizing about my salon plan however I was really tired from last night since I wasn’t able to sleep because of the mocha frap and whip cream all over my stomach. It made me sick and had me sleep for only one hour for the whole night. Yep! Wide awake in the wee hours. Anyways, I started reading the book The Start-up Guide for Opening, Remodeling & Running a Succesful beauty Salon by Jeff Grissler and Eric Ryant. Here are my key take aways.

1. Get a lawyer. It has been highlighted that most of the salons fail because of the lack of legal advice. It is essential for a business to have someone who can review your lease, employment contracts and any business ventures or incorporation all through out the life of your project. They can save you a lot of money and losses.

2. Get a bookkeeper. Sometimes when we are just start ups we assume that it is easy to manage the money until of course you come to a situation where your number are no longer adding up and your business money has commingled with your own. So let’s not fall into this trap. Your bookeeper will also handle the payment of your taxes and company benefits so you know you won’t get behind on your bills and balance sheet of your inventories. Sound organized? Indeed! No mix ups!

These two people can cause a lot of money I know. But if you are looking for a longer period of success then hiring them will be the best decision ever.

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