How to Stay Positive in Life Despite of Failures

Day 11

It’s now time to handle failures with positivity!

Failures are inevitable. They are like doors which opens opportunities of moving forward from a persona of positivity or an avenue of just staying behind the door and let yourself remain broken from mistakes.

When you were still a child, do you remember when was the last time you have fallen from your attempt to stand? Or maybe a failed examination from Algebra which you have been putting your head on for almost a year? Or a failed relationship for 6 years? Or a sales target at work which you are having a hard time to achieve?

These are failures that we have never enjoyed and yet commenced experiences to bring out our best potentials. And yeah, they suck I know! They can even tear you down and let you think of yourself lesser than anybody else around you which probably the most depressing state of your life until you ask yourself, “Why am I not good enough?”

Below shows some of the things I’ve been practicing for years now every time I come face to face with failures.

Steps of Managing Failures

1. Always know that God is beside you in every battle of that difficulty. We feel better when we have someone beside us who could comfort us right? Don’t worry, He got our back.

Deuteronomy 31:6

He did not promise a storm free life but He never said he will leave us. Even a little faith within all of us can make wonders. Let it be our stronghold.

2. Never be afraid to fail. Fail as many times but get back up more than a million times. A failure can someday lead to the success you have been waiting for. Remember, no one succeeded in their greatest inventions without trial and errors. All went to frustrations and sometimes depressions but you can never tell when success would knock on your door.

3. Be thankful. I know this is not easy when you are in the midst trials. But, a habit of saying, “ Thank you Lord for this hardship for in this way I am able to know myself more. Thank you that I still have another chance to test my skills or thank you for letting me find ways to make things better.”Looking on how we are burdened will make our situation even harder but when we have that heart of thankfulness, whether the problem is big or small, you are not allowing the difficulty to stay in your body for a second instead you are inviting solutions to move on and be better. Smile as much as you can!😘🤗😊

Let no circumstances stop you from being the best version of yourself! Stay positive and live happily.




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